Do you have a business?
Do you ship packages more than once a week?

Expedibus is the ideal solution for sending parcels!

In order to subscribe to the opening of a corporate account, companies must accumulate
a minimum transport charge of $ 50 / month * between the various points of service.
If you meet these requirements, we invite you to complete the account opening form and we will contact you to complete your registration.

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* The minimum requirement is subject to change and at the discretion of the carrier.

What are the advantages of having a corporate account?

Savings on prepaid products

Substantial savings using prepaid products such as Expedisac envelopes allowing you to send your packages weighing less than 4.5 kg

Discounts on shipping rates

Discount of 5% on the rates for sending parcels on our network from a minimum of $ 80 / month before taxes charged to your corporate account (excluded on pick-up and delivery service)

Pick-up and delivery service

Access to the automated pickup and delivery service if available in your region
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